New Release

Cascom S, vacuum and pressure casting machine with induction heating on sale.

New Products Cascom S

Thermocouple is quipped on.  Temperature setting is available up to 1400℃。 Overheating will almost never be shown at casting Silver alloy, Gold alloy, Palladium alloy and Dental precious alloy for porcelain. Cascom S allows you to adjust induction heating output for non-precious alloy.  It is easy to catch a casting timing and to minimize the risk of over-heating due to controlling temperature rise speed of alloy. By  that, overheating is almost nothing and high quality object is performed. Vacuum and Pressure casting method in multi-directional pressure application for high precision casting.. Almost all alloys are available such as from silver alloy to cobalt chrome. And Cascom S shows its high ability in various cases such as inlay, crown, metal denture and implant framework. 


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