New Release

Cascom SE, vacuum and pressure casting machine with induction heating on sale.

New Products Cascom SE

●Excellent castability
  This new induction heating unit enables to translating to porosity-
    free dence casting, because melting alloy is not by gas flame and
    never absorbs any gas. Chamber inverting casting method has
    no possibility of involving oxidation film.
    In addition, the pressure 0.45MPa by vacuum and pressure is
    sufficiently powerful compared 
to centrifugal casting 0.1MPa.
    Also,the maintaining pressure
 prevents shrinkage cavity and enables
    to create any intricate casting 

●Various casting
    Available at casting various cases such as Inlay, Crown, Implant
    framework and Denture.Usable alloy for dental use is Precious~
    Non-Precious except Titanium alloy.

●Operation panel
  The buttons are placed for the flow of casting. 



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